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Rob Walsh the MYA International Racing Secretary has received the attached from the IRSA Chairman.

Dear Members,

The DNM for GBR has proposed Motion 1 GA 2016 that a General Assembly be held annually. Unfortunately, the Motion does not take the remainder of the constitution into account, and is not workable in practice.

The DNM for GER has proposed an amendment to Motion 1 GA 2016 that, in summary, requires an AGM every year and a General Assembly every four years. This proposed amendment to the Motion solves some, but not all, of the issues with the Motion and with the constitution.

The IRSA Executive Committee is entirely in favour of improved reporting and feedback, and welcomes the intent of the motions to seek greater transparency and consultation in terms of a shorter reporting and feedback period between the EC and the DNMs. Accordingly the IRSA EC proposed amendment to the Motion solves all of the issues with the Motion and with the constitution, ensuring a workable General Assembly every year coupled with a four-yearly election of the EC Officers.

Best regards


The original motion from the MYA was submitted as below and was proposed as a way of creating greater transparency within the International Radio Sailing community the IRSA has authority over.

The MYA proposes an amendment to the IRSA constitution, clause 6.3.
The amendment is that the General Assembly shall be held annually, so that the amended clause would read:
6.3 A General Assembly shall be held annually and not later than 30th April at a date nominated by the Executive Committee.
The reason for this proposal is to make IRSA more responsible to its membership. Most radio sailing organisations throughout the world have an Annual General Meeting. In the past General Assemblies would coincide with an International Championship thereby permitting the RSD PC and delegates to attend in person. With recent improvements in internet use and facilities, there is no good reason why the General Assembly cannot be held every year.


The revised proposal and that which IRSA will be taking forward is attached HERE.

The council will be discussing this and voting on whether to vote for or against this motion.

If you have any comments or views on this that you wish to be represented within the MYA Council discussions please forward these to your District Councillor who will forward them to the International Racing Secretary for tabling to the Council.

The vote for this will take place from the 16th April and therefore any comments to your DC need to be in by the end of March 2016


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