With just over a month to go to the 1st Ranking event of 2013 the entry list for the SW IOM ranking is as follows:

Skipper Sail No Club
Robert Wilson 4 Leicestershire RYC
Dennis Payne 7 Windrush
John White 9 Bideford
Bob Conner 14 Woodspring
Nick Whyte 16 Dartmoor
Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford
David Potter 20 Birkenhead
Josh King 26 Windrush
Dave Burke 30 Birkenhead
Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort
Bob Lewis 41 Woodspring
Doug Penman 42 Bideford
Greg King 47 Windrush
Tony Guerrier 50 Three Rivers
John Tushingham 51 Keighley
Nigel Brown 55 Gosport
Martin Roberts 58 Birkenhead
Barry Chisam 61 West Cornwall
Victoria McNulty 62 Birkenhead
Derek Priestley 67 Fleetwood
Peter Crooper 68 West Cornwall
Nick Martin 69 Woodspring
Trevor Binks 72 Eastbourne
James Edward 75 Yeovil
Phillip Playle 77 Chelmsford
Ken Binks 83 Eastbourne
Liz Tushingham 84 Keighley
Terry Rensch 92 Guildford
Simon Clarke 94 Woodspring
Darin Ballington 98 Manor Park
Graham Elliott 109 Birkenhead
David Alston 111 Leicestershire RYC
Graham Whalley 116 Manor Park
Henry Thorpe 139 Gosport
Brad Gibson 142 Birkenhead
John Cleave 144 Ryde
Colin Smith 164 Birkenhead
Tony Edwards 174 Leicestershire RYC
Joe Binks 175 Eastbourne
Terry King 181 Windrush
Alf Reynolds 421 Chelmsford
Robert Walsh Fleetwood

Online entry is open and full details can be found HERE

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