These revised versions supersede the previous versions.

The substantive change in all 3 sets of rules is to replace the sail marking requirements of the RRS with IRSA Supplementary Class Rules 2020. The main purpose of this is to to deal with issues in the RRS which cause difficulties for Radio Boats and which are not addressed in the current or forthcoming revisions of Appendix E.

This does not mean that measurement of sail marks has been brought back into certification control in order to issue a certificate for a boat or to certify a sail. The relevant rules are in Section C of the class rules which makes them rules that apply at events only. It remains for the owner to ensure they are applied at some stage before he races.

The same issues apply to sail marks in the IOM class. IOMICA has been made aware of this and their response is awaited.

The new M, 10R and A Class class rules can be found at the links below.

M Class Rules 2020

10R Class Rules 2020

A Class Rules 2020

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