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Kai Ipsen,

Danish sailing legend, 1922 – 2015

A most remarkable and lovely man, Kai was a very successful and popular international competitor in the vane ‘A’ class between the 1940s and the 1980s. His REVANCHE designs were full keelers, superbly made with varnished mahogany planking, birch ply decks, very simple and practical fittings and beautiful panelled sails inspired by Danish Olympic gold medallist, Paul Elvstrom.

He was one of the first designers to use a bulb keel in this class on his FASCINATION design, which won Yachting Monthly Cup, the premier international trophy, so dramatically in a fresh breeze in 1967. This led the way to revolutionise the class and make designs lighter in the 1970s.

He was used to sailing his boats on open water from kayaks and so his most surprising performance was in his first visit to the UK in 1948, and racing for the YM Cup on an enclosed lake, when he was second to the American competitor, Bill Bithell, but beat the English and all the other international competitors. He subsequently won this event in 1951 and 1954 with REVANCHE.

Roger Stollery became Kai’s apprentice, by mating for him at the A boat Nationals in 1962 as a teenager and this had a big influence on his design thinking in the 1960s. The fuller history of this great man will appear in the Acquaint.

Roger Stollery 2015-03-04


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