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As part of the requirements of boat certification, if you buy or sell a boat it is important the new owner registers their ownership of the boat to conform with the measurement requirements. If you purchased a boat with a certificate and the certificate needs changing into your name, please complete the change of owner fields and send it to the class registrar.

If the boat did not come with a certificate please complete the form below and then send it to the class registrar. (Don’t forget the Stamped Addressed Envelope!)

The Class Registrar’s are;

  • International One Metre: Nick Cowern
  • Marblehead: Roy Stevens
  • A Class: Bill Green
  • Ten Rater: Richard Uttley
  • 36″: Martin Dovey
  • 6 Metre: Bill Green
  • RG65/65: Wayne Stobbs
  • DF65-95: Wayne Stobbs
  • Footy: Peter Jackson

You will find their full contact details in the members area (login required). Alternatively you can use the contact form here. Ensure you choose the correct person from the dropdown.

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