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Simple steps to registering your Club with the MYA

  • To register as an MYA Affiliated Club you need six members.
  • Contact someone local in the first instance who can help with information and possibly a demo day. Our District Councillors are very experienced skippers and know your local area very well.
  • Your Club Secretary should contact the MYA Membership Secretary with your enquiry, mention if have spoken to others such as your local District Councillor.
  • The Membership Secretary will send your Club Secretary a form to register you and your fellow Club skippers. Please provide things like contact email email details to allow you and your fellow member access our members area and receive E-News from the MYA. We only send MYA related emails and never share your personal details with marketing companies.
  • Send the completed form back to the MYA Membership Secretary.
  • We will send a Welcome Pack to each member consisting of;
    – Welcome letter
    – MYA Membership Card
    – MYA Yearbook
  • Your Club will appear in the electronic club listings.

For subsequent years your Club Secretary will receive a membership renewal notice to complete and return to the MYA Membership Secretary with the appropriate annual fees. Do remember that new members can be registered at any time throughout the year and will receive the benefits of MYA Membership. These new members will also get a full welcome pack from the MYA.

Contact the Membership Secretary by clicking Here

Contact District Councillors by clicking Here

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