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Using our website


At the top of the each page on the main menu, you​’ll find a search icon. Type a keyword or phrase into the box and it starts to search. It will return a list of results; click on the result which best matches your search.

Search our Knowledge Base

The search on the our Knowledge Base home page, KB topic and article pages will only search for information within the knowledge base. This is by design and helps find things related to the main topics in our knowledge base.

If you are still unable to find an answer to your question please contact us Here


The breadcrumb trail is just below the page title on each page. Within our knowledge base it is at the top of each article. It helps you to see where you are on the site, how you got there and how to get back.

Each section in the breadcrumb is a link, so you can click on it to take you back to the previous area you visited.

A breadcrumb trail looks like this:

KB Home > Classes, Equipment and Measurement >

Use the logo to get back to the homepage

If you click on the MYA logo it will take you back to the homepage.

Add pages to your favourites

You can add popular pages to your favourites by clicking the ‘favourites’ button on your toolbar and then clicking ‘add’. This will add a link to your favourites bar so you can access that page quickly and easily next time.

Members Area

If you are an MYA Member you will have access to our members area. Below are some of the things available to members;

  • A list contact details for all MYA Officers.
  • A list of Official Measurers and how to contact them.
  • A list of all current MYA members together with their membership numbers and Clubs.
  • A list of all MYA Clubs with Club Rep and Event Secretary contact details.
  • Ability to edit your personal account details, change email address and password.
  • Council Meetings and AGM minutes and documents.

To access the members area you will need to be a current MYA member and have a valid email and password.

If you have never visited the members area you must reset your password using the ‘reset password’ link on the login page.

If the site does not recognise your email it may mean your membership is expired, or the email address your using is not associated with your account.

If your email is not recognised please contact the Digital Communications Officer and include your membership number and Club.

Entering an event online

Go to our event calendar Here

Find the event you wish to enter. If online entry is available there will be an entry form on the event page. Enter your details and submit the form. You should receive a reply from the event organiser within 48 hours confirming your entry. Please note, your not entered unless you have receive the confirmation from the event organiser.

MYA Forum

The forum is not currently linked to the members area which means you will need a separate forum account to access it. If you have never logged into the forum then please register an account using your MYA details. Once registered your account will be authorised giving you access.

In some cases existing forum members are unable to post a classified ad. If you are an MYA member and find you have no permission to create a for sale topic please email who will grant you access.

Contact us

A list of contacts can be found in the main menu under ‘Contact us’. Select the officer you want to contact, complete the form and send it. We normally answer emails with 48 hours.

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