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Boats in this IRSA A class are not limited in length, but are controlled by a formula which demands a balance between waterline length, displacement and sail area. Sails get smaller as displacement reduces and as waterline length increases. The formula was devised in 1922 by the editor of the Yachting Monthly as a testing ground for later use in the full sized 5.5 Metre class rule. A fleet of  ‘A Class’ boats is an impressive and awesome sight.

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A Class rules and Measurement

The class rules for the International Classes are governed by the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) these can be downloaded from their website.

International A Class Rules and Measurement

A Class Rules Proposed Update – MYA Tech Team Response – Jan 2016

During 2015 the IRSA technical committee worked on updating and revising the A class rule. It is in fact a complete rewrite using standard ERS terms.

These updates and changes to the class rule were presented to the MYA for comment in December 2015.

Comments were requested from all MYA members and there were some very useful comments made by those interested in the class who responded. Some of these are shown separately as part of the A class set.The MYA response was discussed and coordinated by the MYA Tech Team with others and input into the draft rules as a comment in the margin by the MYA Technical Officer, Roger Stollery.

There was a great deal of concern and correspondence caused by the proposal for multiple certificates. The MYA response showed little support for this. See some of this contained in the comments and other documents in the Section A and B set.

The official IRSA response to the MYA comments by Graham Bantock is included in this A class set of documents.

(Note: You will need to enable “view comments” within the Word document to view the document as intended)


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