IRSA Ten Rater Class (10R)

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Status of Class: IRSA

Ten Rater (10R) is not limited in length and have overhangs beyond its waterline endings making them light, sleek, and fast. This IRSA rule is based on the 1887 ‘length and sail area rule’ which allows short waterline length boats to have a big sail area and longer LWL boats have smaller sails. It is an ‘open’ rule with great freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans.

A brief history of the 10R was published in an article for the 2010 Acquaint; to read please click here. Please note, contact details in the article have changed since it was published.

  • Ten Rater Class GBR Fixtures here
  • Ten Rater Class International Fixtures here
  • Contact the Ten Rater Class Captain here
  • Ten Rater Class website (IRSA) here
  • Ten Rater GBR website here
  • Ten Rater Class Rules here
  • Ten Rater Class Measurement Forms here
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