MYA Council Acquaint Announcement June 2016

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Council Newsletter – Acquaint Announcement.

Hello to all members.

Many of you will be aware of the difficulty the Association has had in finding a volunteer to take on the job of Editor for the Acquaint Magazine after the retirement of Charles Smith at the AGM last November.

This has given the MYA Council a real headache in what to do for the best in this situation. In truth the Association has in the past, with the benefit and experience of a seasoned editor in Charles, over delivered by producing a first class magazine three times a year. We have found that this situation is just not sustainable for the future.

The ability to provide goods and services when relying on volunteers to give of their time is always going to be a problem when those volunteers are no longer available and are not able to be replaced. Our solution is to scale down the previous magazine to become more of a newsletter, but even so to do that properly needs someone to coordinate and search out interesting features and articles.

The various newsletters from North America and Australia are good examples of what can be produced but again each of those has an editor. As previously minuted Council have regrettably reached the decision that the Acquaint as a Magazine format can no longer be produced. This newsletter will be printed and posted to all members to advise you of the decision and future plans. Further newsletters will be produced but not posted, they will be published on the MYA website. This is in line with the reported objective of moving to a digital form of communication ongoing…

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