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From 1 January 2020 the MYA has entered into a formal agreement with the RYA for the appointment and training of MYA Measurers.

The full formal agreement is attached below.

Applicants to become a Sail Measurer will need to take and pass the RYA Sail Measurer course.

Sail Measurer courses are run at regular at various locations around the UK. Interested parties should contact the MYA Technical Officer for further information.

They may then apply to become a MYA Class Measurer. This will entail attending and passing class specific training or demonstrating satisfactory ability to the Class & MYA.

Current MYA measurers retain their appointment until the end of 2021 but will need to re-train, as above, if they wish to remain a measurer.

List of current measurers and their Clubs can be found in the Members Area of this website.

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