MYA Measurers – How to Become One

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The procedure for club measurers wanting to become official measurers is as follows:

  1. Obtain an Official Measurers accreditation form by email from your local District Senior Measurer, the Technical Secretary, the MYA website (attached below) or via your club email contact.
  2. Complete the form by hand, sign it, scan and email, or post to the Technical Secretary.
  3. After a successful accreditation process by your local District Senior Measurer, the Technical Secretary will sign this form to authorise accreditation and return it by post.

If you wish to find a measurer near to you please contact your district measurer. You will find details of your district measurer in our members area.

Attached below is also an article from Acquaint (April 2010 Edition) on becoming a measurer.

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