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This board is compiled from the records we have, if you have any further information please contact the MYA Secretary


Mr J H Scrutton
Mr W Buxton
Mr D F W
Ken Jones
John Lewis
Vic Smeed
Norman Hatfield 1986-1995
Derek Priestley  2000-

The President of the MYA is elected for life.


Mr H B Tucker – 1920’s
Mr A J Hugo – 1930’s
Mr A W Littlejohn – 1930’s
Mr C N Forge – 1930’s
Mr Ambrose – 1930’s
Mr G W Munro – 1940’s
Mr F C Tansley – 1940’s
Mr Headlam – 1940’s
Mr A W Littlejohn – 1950’s
Mr Seabrooke – 1950’s
Jim Steinberger – 1950’s
Frank Jennings – 1960’s/70’s
Norman Hatfield – 1970’s/80’s
Peter Maskell – 1986-1989
Chris Dicks – 1990-1998
Keith Skipper – 1999-2002
Mike Clifton – 2003-2006
Peter Stollery – 2006-2012
Keith Coxon 2012-2016
Terry Rench 2016-

The Chairman is elected annually.

Vice President

Len Mole
Roger Stollery
Tim De Buriatte
Robert Hobbs
Hughie Shields
John Cleave
Henry Farley
Keith Skipper
Mike Clifton
Russell Potts
Steve Poole
Peter Stollery
Tony Edwards
mark Dennis
Chris Durant
Charles Smith
Keith Coxon

The members of the MYA have recognised the Vice Presidents for their work within the MYA.

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