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Radio Sailing

The MYA sails to World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) with amendments for our sport outlined by Appendix E, these are typically updated every 4 years.

It is possible to download them from the World Sailing website below. There are also publications available which have case studies in them and typical applications of the rules, a copy of the rules and case studies are a useful addition to your sailing equipment.

  • 2017-20 RRS Rules guidance booklet – (NEW Nov 2016) Attached.

World Sailing Rules Webpage

Check out the Club and Skipper Development pages for hints and tips for those new to the sport.

There is also an excellent website by John Ball from Canada which explains elements of the rules, click here to view

Free Sailing

The Free Sailing community use a different set of rules, a copy of which can be found attached below.

  • MYA Free Sailing Yacht Racing Rules
  • Free Sailing Class Rules Supplement
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