We are lucky in the UK to have some great venues for radio sailing, the Weecher Reservoir water of KDMES is one of these, with an exposed location and clear sight lines it can be one of the best.

Today’s ND IOM event was one of the occasions when the lake was at its best and most challenging, wind readings throughout the day showed a W/NW breeze of around 30mph with gusts well over this coming across the lake in regular waves.

19 skippers competed, and 13 races were completed, all in C rig with 4 different skippers taking victories, Rob Walsh being the most consistent of these, with only a couple of finishes out of the top 2, John Tushingham pushed him hard but but lost by just 1 pt with Darin Ballington some way back in 3rd place.

Most pleasing was the support from across the district for this event with skippers from Llandudno, Fleetwood and Birkenhead travelling to compete against the skippers from the east of the district, the furthest travelled, coming from Killingworth in the North East and Abersoch in North Wales. Further encouraging were the 3 lady skippers who competed; Liz just beating Tracey for the honour of top lady.

Another fantastic day at Weecher, thanks to the club members and race team for giving their time up.

Full results can be found on the ND website HERE

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