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MYA-Heat Management System (HMS) – 2016 (Current)

The Heat Management System (HMS) is used at most races, it is designed to provide a management  system when there is a requirement for more than one heat (fleet) of boats to be sailed in each race.It is an evolution of earlier system used by the MYA and is currently the accepted system for use around the world.

It is important that all the documents are downloaded and used in conjunction with the HMS scoring system and SSI’s

HMS 2016 V1a – Race committees are recommended to read the rules of this system with the SIs and in conjunction with the HMS Advice Notes that are part of this document

HMS Notice of Alteration – 04.04.18

HMS 2016 Scoring v3a – Excel Program

All the above documents are to be used together when multi heat racing take place, however the HMS scoring software can be used for single fleets where a digital version is required for websites etc.

If you have any questions about the HMS please contact the MYA Race Officer who will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Champions Cup (also known as Race of Champions)

The Champions Cup (Also known as the Race of Champions) is an MYA invitation event and is competed for over two days with Marbleheads in even years and International One Metres in odd years. The event is organised as a match race series followed by fleet racing, with the intention that the match race series is completed within the first day’s sailing times.

Invitations are sent out to the following MYA National Champions

1) Defending Champions Cup winner
2) Reigning IOM National Champion
3) Reigning RM National Champion
4) Reigning R6M National Champion
5) Reigning R10R National Champion
6) Reigning RA National Champion
7) Reigning 36 National Champion

After these competitors have confirmed the balance of places up to the required total of 16 will be taken from the relevant ranking list from highest position downwards.

Full regulations and documents can be found below:

Champions Cup Regulations

Scoring Software

Scoring Software Notes

Extended Scoring Software

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