Section A&B (All Classes Document) Proposed Update – MYA Tech Team Response – Jan 2016

These are applicable to all class rules and were presented as a separate document because it highlighted a major change of policy. This change was to permit multiple certificates which 1 or 2 countries have been permitting despite being non-compliant with the class rules that state that the only valid certificate is the last one issued.

These changes were presented to the MYA for comment in December 2015.

Comments were requested from all MYA members and there were some very useful comments made by those interested in the class who responded. The MYA response was discussed and coordinated by the MYA Tech Team with others and input into these two sections as a comment in the margin by the MYA Technical Officer, Roger Stollery.

The MYA response showed little support for this.

The official IRSA response to the MYA comments by Graham Bantock is included in this set of documents.

MYA Response Letter.

MYA Section A & B Draft Rules Comments.

(Note: You will need to enable “view comments” within the Word document to view the document as intended)

IRSA Technical Chairman Response to MYA Comments

Email Correspondence

MYA Sailing Rules – 1960

An interesting historic document that demonstrates that boats have always needed bow bumpers!

1960 Sailing Rules General Rating Regulations

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