The class rules for the International Classes are governed by the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) these can be downloaded from their website.

Ten Rater Class Rules and Measurement Forms

If you have concerns or questions about any of the above class please contact the MYA Technical Officer HERE

10R Rules Proposed Update – MYA Tech Team Response – Jan 2016

During 2015 the IRSA technical committee worked on updating and revising the 10 Rater class rule.

These updates and changes to the class rule were presented to the MYA for comment in December 2015.

Comments were requested from all MYA members and there were some very useful comments made by those interested in the class who responded. There has been a lot of correspondence about this class and some of these letters are included in the set.
The MYA’s concern was that having had a problem with measurement at the 2013 National Championship, a report was done outlining the problems in discussion with Jon Simpson at RSD and all but one of these practical suggestions had been ignored and now are not being followed up.
The MYA response was discussed and coordinated by the MYA Tech Team with others and input into the draft rules as a comment in the margin by the MYA Technical Officer, Roger Stollery.

The official IRSA response to the MYA comments by Graham Bantock is included in this 10 Rater class set of documents.

MYA Response Letter

MYA 10R Draft Rules Comments

(Note: You will need to enable “view comments” within the Word document to view the document as intended)

MYA Members Comments

IRSA Technical Chairman Response to MYA Comments

IRSA Technical Vice Chairman Response to MYA Comments

Discussion Document 1

Discussion Document 2

10R Brief History – Acquaint Article 2010

A brief history of the 10R was published in an article for the 2010 Acquaint; to read please click here

Please note that the contact details have changed since this article was published.

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