MYA Change of Boat Ownership Form

As part of the requirements of boat certification, if you buy or sell a boat it is important the new owner registers their ownership of the boat to conform with the measurement requirements. Please complete the form below and then send it to the class registrar. (Don’t forget the...

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MYA Measurers – How to become one

MYA Measurers – How to become one. The procedure for club measurers wanting to become official measurers is as follows: Obtain an Official Measurer’s accreditation form by e-mail from your local District Senior Measurer, the Technical Secretary, the MYA website or via your club e-mail contact. Complete the form...

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Measurement and Certification Procedure

Enthusiasts are encouraged to get a valid certificate for their boats to ensure compliance with class rules, which have been created to promote fair competition. The certification service is provided FREE to all affiliated MYA club members by the MYA, which is the certification authority for model yachting in...

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