Minutes and reports from Council meetings and MYA AGM’s

2019 MYA Council Meeting Documents

Agenda for Council Meeting 4th May 2019 Chairman's report May 2019 Vice Chairman and International Officer Report DCO Report May 2019 Race Officer Report May 2019 1 of 2 Race Officer Report May 2019 2 of 2 Secretary Report for 04.05.19 Technical Officer Report May 2019 Treasurer Report to...

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2018 MYA Council Meeting Documents

Chairman's report MYA AGM 2018 Notice of Motions AGM 2018 MYA Officer Nominations form AGM 2018 MYA Officer Nominations form 2018 Part 2 Notice of AGM 2018 Radio League Report 2018 Officer Voting Forms pt 1 & 2 AGM 2018 Chris_Dicks_Award_Nomination_form Syan_Award_Nomination_form Mike Kemp - Trustee Nominee Vice Chairman...

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AGM 2017 Documents

Notice of AGM 2017 AGM Notice of Motions 2017 Minutes of 2016 AGM Officer Reports Chairman Report Tech Team Report Treasurer Report 25.11.17 Final Accounts 2017 Race Officer Report 2017 AGM Race Officer Report- Addendum 23.11.17 Racing Officer Budget 2018 DCO Report AGM 2017 Class Captain Reports Class Captain...

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2017 MYA Council Meeting Documents

Council Minutes September 2017 MYA Council Minutes September 2017 Officer Reports September 2017 DCO-September-2017 Eastern_District_Report_to_Council_Sept_2017 Midland_District_Report_to_Council_Sept_2017 Metropolitan_and_Southern_District_Report_to_Council_Sept_2017 RO-Council_Report_Sept_2017 Scottish_District_Report_Sept_2017 Secretary_Report_to_Council_Sept_2017 2017-09-21_Technical_report_to_September_Council_MeetingOfficer Reports 2017-07-15_Draft_Technical_report_to_July_Council_Meeting District Reports Eastern_District_July_2017This meeting was electronic (Forum) Agenda MYA_Council_Agenda_May_13th_2017 Minutes Council_Minutes_May_2017 Officer Reports Scottish_District_Report_to_MYA_Council_May_2017 MYA_Eastern_District_Report_May_2017 Technical_report_to_May_Council_Meeting Treasurer_Report_May_2017 Metropolitan_and_Southern_May_2017 RO-Council_Report_May_2017 Secretary_Report_to_Council_May_2017 Treasurer_Report_18.5.17 Racing Rules Sub Committee 2017-05-17_MYA_Free_Sailing_Yacht_Racing_Rules...

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2016 MYA AGM – Documents and Minutes

AGM Papers Please click on the relevant paper to download it: 2016 AGM Notice and Agenda 2016 AGM Motions Supplementary Document Relating to 2016 Motions. 2016 AGM Voting Form SYAN Award Nomination Form Chris Dicks Award Nomination Form Chairman Nomination 1- Terry Rensch Vice Chairman Nomination 1- Phil Holiday...

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2016 MYA Council Meeting Minutes & Documents

Sept 2016 Meeting MYA Council Meeting Agenda Sept 2016 council_minutes_september_2016 racing_office_report_to_council_september_2016 dco_council_report_sept_2016 technical_report_-_september_2016 sec_to_council_report_sept_2016 ec_report_to_council_sept_2016 International Secretary Report scottish_district_review_april_to_sept_2016 midland_district_sept_2016 eastern_district_sept_2016 met_and_southern_sept_2016 sw_district_report_sept_2016 Apr 2016 Meeting April 2016 Minutes Scottish District Report Northern District Report Midland District Report Eastern District Report Met & Southern District Report South Western District...

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