RM's at Play, courtesy Hampton Court MYC website

RM’s at Play, courtesy Hampton Court MYC website

There’s plenty going on in the Marblehead class at the moment, last years Worlds has given a resurgence to the class, new designs, 2013 Nationals, upcoming worlds in 2014, the class is definitely on the up.

To further help with the promotion of the class and give skippers information the class captain and others have created a website dedicated to the UK Marblehead skipper.

This will have news, views and reports on the UK Marblehead scene.

Why not take a look at http://marbleheadsailing.wordpress.com/

Perhaps more importantly there is also a survey on this site to gain the views from Marblehead skippers, past, present and future.

It is hoped that these will assist in promoting the class, organising the racing calendar and discussion within the class.

Go on,you know you want to,  take a look 🙂 

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