“The first 2 day ranking for the UK Marbleheads of 2017 proved that both the class and the club have completed the transition from the last time the M’s were at Lincoln. With the club now well established at its new Scotland Farm venue, the M’s enjoyed their return with some great racing for a fantastic weekend.

Day One saw 25 skippers from all over the UK attend the briefing conducted by PRO Derek Priestley in preparation of his similar role for this years upcoming the 2017 Nationals at Fleetwood. The wind was from the south with just a bit of west in it making a great beat from the East Bank , virtually the full length of the lake was used for the course and the grassy bank made it easier on the feet for the skippers. Although what seemed like a long course was soon gobbled up by the fast M’s and the long walk would later cause a few tired limbs!”

Read the full report with results here

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