Anybody got one the elements of the Marblehead Team of Three trophy?

One of the elements has been missing since 2015 and despite much head scratching, we cannot think where it is.

So if you have ever won the M ToTs trophy, please check that it isn’t still on the shelf, behind the curtains, in the loft or under the sofa.

If you have it or know where it is please contact the Racing officer or Class Captain so it can be awarded again.

On the same tack (pun intended) if you have any MYA trophies that are gathering dust, and you don’t know where to send it to, please contact any MYA Officer or District Councilor who will arrange to get it back.

Finally, the trustees keep mentioning the Wilkinson Sword trophy but don’t know its whereabouts, if you know of it please contact them so they can show us all what it looks like!

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