Well, it’s all over and the GBR skippers have done us proud, the top three spots, plus other good performances further down the fleet, well done guys.

The skill and dedication shown by these guys to build and race their boats against some of the best in the world is fantastic.

Rob has given his final verdict in the forum but i’m sure that there will be many tales to come out over the next few weeks and months as we all meet up.

Full list of GBR skippers.

Pos Sail Skipper Club Pts
1  42 Brad Gibson Birkenhead 32
2  95 Graham Bantock Chelmsford 75
3  55 Martin Roberts Birkenhead 85
7  125 Robert Walsh Fleetwood 143
18  164 Derek Priestley Fleetwood 265
33  50 Tony Guerrier Thre Rivers 447
35  144 John Cleave Ryde 479
43  16 Hugh McAdoo Guildford 557
44  54 Roy Stevens Tri Services 577
45  752 Martin Crysell Guildford 590
56  23 Peter Crisp Swanley 772
64  92 Terry Rensch Guildford 912

Special mention to Terry Rensch (Sail Terry) who has thrown himself into all the events this year and although at the early stages of his personal learning curve enjoys himself greatly and sails with 100% the right attitude.

Hopefully we may get some pictures taken by the GBR skippers when they return.

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