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Change of plan today, no half day closing, sailing instructions changed to allow a full days sailing.

The videos posted show a better wind but from what I see the results are much the same with GBR skippers still leading the way.

Not such a good day for the president but Rob is now in top gear.

Looking further down the rookies are showing well and no doubt enjoying the experience.

Rob Walsh will probably post a report on the forum, hopefully he wont have as much “tea” today!

Top Ten:

Sail Skipper After 11 Change
42 Brad Gibson 1  (0) 0
95 BANTOCK John Graham 2 (0) 0
13 Christophe BOISNAULT (0) 20
6 DI CRESCENZO Gilles (1) 20
55 Martin ROBERTS (-1) -2
22 ROSSIGNOL Yannick (1) -1
87 Nigel Mark Winkley (-1) -3
105 Massimo APOSTOLI (1) 0
125 Robert WALSH (-1) 13
68 FAAS Henning 10 (0) 8

More videos and full standings HERE

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