Its been a generally busy sporting weekend with F1 and golf taking centre stage. And there was the Midland District 36 race at Bournville, not quite in the same category but none the less important. Now I have to admit I could only drop in for a short time to take piccies and have a quick chat but it looked a tough one. Bournville dished up its own version of the wrong sort of leaves, with a very light Easterly wind flicking thro’ 90 degrees. OK by now you will have guessed that’s normal, it is, but it can be so frustrating when you are racing the radio equivalent of a clockwork mouse.

For those of a certain age that can remember those things, wind them up let them go and off they went, anywhere. A 36 is a bit like that, you have to keep your eyes on them all the time, keep them pointed in the right direction and maybe they will behave. Peter Moore (24) put on what can only be described as a master class as to how to sail one of these. Of the 13 races he won every one, discarding two first places. Words fail me the little bit I saw was just faultless. So what about the rest, Alf Reynolds (42) up from darkest Chelmsford was second and local skipper Peter Hopkins(69) was third and for the scores please go to the Bournville web site.

Bill Green

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