Dear Member,

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the on-going issues the association has with the recruitment of council members, something highlighted by our inability to find a volunteer for the role of Acquaint Editor, it is therefore appropriate that we publish the attached notice regarding the future of the Acquaint magazine.

To download and read this notice please click HERE.

We would also ask that all club secretaries print a copy off for their club members who may not have access to the internet to read.

You will notice on reading this, that there are on-going difficulties with recruitment of volunteers to the MYA Council, something that whilst not unique to the MYA is disappointing given the MYA’s history and global stature within the sport.

Given this current situation and the recent resignation of the Chairman, Keith Coxon, the MYA Emergency Committee (EC) will step in to deal with any issues that would have been dealt with by the Chairman but the current situation suggests that the role of the MYA needs to be reviewed; looking at what the MYA does, what it wishes to do and what it can achieve. The MYA Council will consider this but welcomes comments and suggestions from the membership – new and old- as to possible ways for the MYA to stay relevant to you the members.

If you have any questions, suggestions or wish to become involved with the MYA Council or the review in to the MYA please contact Chris Cook (Secretary to Council) via the contact page HERE

Please also use this contact for questions previously directed to the Chairman.

Thank you

MYA EC members.

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