The MYA forum hosting is being changed to align with our current server provider.

Please be aware that the MYA forum may be down for between 24 & 48Hrs whilst this change takes place.


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Whilst we are doing these works to the server we have taken the opportunity to bring the MYA For Sale pages on to the MYA Forum.

After comment from members, and discussion between the Forum and IT team it was thought that moving the MYA For Sale pages to the Forum was a sensible option; the use of the MYA forum will allow those who are posting adverts to include more information and images and also the chance to remove adverts themselves once a transaction has taken place.


We hope that this brings rewards for both buyers and sellers.

We will make a further announcement on the status of the Forum and For Sale pages once the server hosting changes are confirmed and would recommend that items are not added until this is completed.

Thank you for your patience.

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