Get you holiday planner out, put down the Thomsons Brochure and get the Premier Inn website open (other hotel chains are available), as we now have the MYA Calendar for 2015 available.

There shouldn’t be any changes for the dates below but as usual the dates aren’t confirmed until the yearbook is published.

Highlights for 2015

MYA National Championships:

IOM @ Lincoln: August 29th-31st

Marblehead @ Manor Park: July 18th-19th

Ten Rater @ West Kirby: Sept 12th-13th

A Class @ Fleetwood: August 8th-9th

6 Metre @ Harwich & Dovercourt: Sept 12th-13th

36 @ Bournville: October 24th-25th

MYA Free Sailing National Championships:

A Class @ Fleetwood: August 1st-7th

Marblehead @ Fleetwood: October 24th-25th

36 @ Gosport: June 13th


IOM Ranking Events:

Northern @ West Kirby: March 28th-29th

South Western @ West Cornwall: 6th-7th June

Eastern @ Coalhouse Fort: September 26th-27th

Marblehead Ranking Events:

Eastern @ Chelmsford: April 11th-12th

Met & Southern @ Guildford: May 31st

South West @ Yeovil: October 3rd

Northern @ West Kirby: October 17th-18th


Full MYA Calendar 2015 Download HERE


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