Interim Report as at 4 April 2017

Whilst in the perspective of time we are 5/12ths through the season (the League year started 1st November 2016), in terms of events, we are barely 1/3rd through the season. It is against this sort of backdrop that the success or otherwise of the continuation of the League ought then to be considered.

As ever, the prime objective of the League is to further club’s enthusiasm for open racing and to encourage club members to enter Open events, both at their Home Water and at Away events in support for their club.

So as we stand, at the beginning of April with 50 out of the scheduled 151 sets of results so far obtained, (in reality 50 out of the 56 that should have been completed by now) how do we stack up against the objective?

No less than 359 different skippers have raced in one or more events across the variety of classes. The figure for the whole of the 2016 season was 470 different skippers so the signs are definitely encouraging.

Of the 359, 69 did not figure in last year’s racing so there is a continuation of ‘new blood’.

The distances travelled so far this season also look to have increased over the equivalent for last season at over 130,000 miles so there would certainly appear to be no lack of skippers entering events both at their home club and away.

Colin Goodman seems to have got the bit between his teeth having narrowly been beaten last season by Darin Ballington. Colin now leads the field with 1359 points, followed by Darin Ballington (1147), John Tushingham (1031), Trevor Binks (1011) and Derek Priestley (970 ).

On the club front, Eastbourne (3623) lead from Manor Park (3420), Coalhouse Fort (3233), Fleetwood (2641) and Birkenhead (2510).

On the club’s performance improvement front Lymington lead from Llandudno, ROFWAC, Doncaster and Gloucester.

Currently there also stand almost 1400 points which are unallocated because of skippers who are not registered as affiliated members. So don’t forget to have a check and ensure that if your name appears on the tables, that your club is getting the points.

Don’t forget then that with 100 points (and more if you win an event away from your home club), for event winners, the positions can change very quickly.

Full details as ever available on the web site HERE

Do please keep the results coming in. Clubs will only get their hosting bonus if the results are obtained. Skippers will only get their points if the results are obtained.

John Smith
Radio League Secretary

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