With less than 6 weeks of sailing events to go, the race for the Individual Radio League Trophy could hardly be closer. Less than 1 point separates the leading two skippers while less than 100 points (the minimum value of an event win) covers the first three places.

It is therefore timely to remind clubs and skippers to check to ensure that their results have been included. Clubs and individuals should therefore please check the following:-

Clubs should locate the list of events originally scheduled to take place by visiting the web page

https://www.gosportmybc.club/Results/Results%202018/Events.htm where you will find that IF your event results have NOT been forwarded to the Radio League Secretary the event under the respective class(es) will still have a coloured background. If the background to your event is White then the results have been received and included. In view of the fact that clubs are awarded bonus points for hosting Open events, if the results are not received, the host club will miss out on the points.

Any sets of results not yet sent should please be sent to johna8tsmith@btinternet.com by no later than 12th October 2018 for inclusion.

Any event results for race days between now and 31st October should be sent as soon as possible after the event has been completed.

Individuals should locate their entry on one of the following web pages:-

https://www.gosportmybc.club/Results/Results%202018/CombinedClasses.htm (the overall individual points by skipper) or their respective District pages as follows:-

If you find that the incorrect club has been allocated your points, please let the Radio League Secretary know by e-mailing johna8tsmith@btinternet.com by no later than 12th October 2018 so that they can be amended.

John Smith

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