UPDATE- HMS to be posted Mon/Tues

A day of frustration for skippers and race team alike started with a delay for approx 1hr at the start of the day whilst the PRO hunted for the wind, ripples on the far side of the lake indicated that it was there but the direction denied the racers the chance to use it.

It became apparent that racing would have to go ahead in these conditions as the forecast was only marginally better as the day progressed so ARO Tony Edwards set a course that tried to have a north, south, east and west leg, hoping that at some time there would be  beat and a run. This he achieved although there were times when there were many beats and many runs quite often on the same leg of the course. Frustrating for everyone whether at the front or the back and a lead on the last leg was no guarantee of victory!

Conditions unfortunately dictated that there were never going to be as many races as on the 1st day but even so skippers left happy and a big part of this is down to the preparation and enthusiasm of the host club Lincoln Model Yacht Club; well done Mick and the team.

Thanks to PRO Graham Allen and all the race team for giving their time to allow others to enjoy the weekend.

The result was never in much doubt when their was to be so little racing but the chasing pack fought hard.

The top 5 were:

1. Brad Gibson

2. Peter Stollery

3. Graham Bantock

4. Rob Walsh

5. Roger Stollery.

Classic Cup went to Rob Walsh and the team of three (TOTS) trophy went to Roger Stollery, John Shorrock and John Male

Photo by PJ Ballington

Photo by PJ Ballington

Congratulations to Brad and all the top 5.

The full results are not to hand yet but will posted as soon as available, please check back.

The event website will have any pictures that we get and a full report.

Next RM event is the ranking at Guildofrd in 2 weeks time

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