CLASS rules

The MYA Tech Team have been working with the Vane Racing Team to update the Free Sailing Class Rules Supplement, basing this on the 2016 IRSA A and M class rules the National 36″ class rule. This supplement is to make amendments to the international and national rules to make them suitable for vane racing, like the inclusion of spinnakers, which are now not included in those rules, which are written for radio. In this respect there will be little change for the A class, as in the supplement those sections have been extracted from the 1994 class rules, in which spinnakers were included.

RACING rules

The MYA Racing Regulations Team have been working with the Vane Racing Team to update the Free Sailing Yacht Racing Rules, to eliminate some of the problems experienced in the 2016 Vane A class championship at Gosport. The update has included a table of contents on the front page and a reordering of the sections to make it easier to research the document for the rules that you want. It also includes a registration section, the definition of ‘sailing’ and some simplified wording for collisions after a boat is put off from the shore and several clause rewording to be more consistent throughout the document. Whilst the presentation and some of the words have changed the rules themselves, when you are sailing on the lakeside have not changed.

Free Sailing Rules and Documents

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