February 2020

Fully compliant now

An important building block in the technical side of the MYA’s work is the training and appointment of measurers for radio sailing classes in the UK. Official Measurers need to be recognised by and traceable to the (World Sailing) Member National Authority (in the UK the RYA) to ensure that UK certified boats are fully compliant with the requirement in the class rules that sails and other equipment shall be certified (measured) by an Official Measurer.

MYA/RYA Agreement

Discussion with the technical department of the RYA has led to a formal MYA/RYA agreement regarding the appointment and training of measurers for the MYA’s activities. What does this mean in practice?

  • In future the RYA will handle the training of the MYA Sail Measurers (they will measure only sails)
  • The MYA, with the assistance of the Class Owner Groups, will continue to train and appoint Class Measurers for the IRSA, IOM & MYA classes from amongst the Sail Measurers

How does this affect you and others?

  • For owners – no change – continue to use listed MYA measurers
  • For existing MYA measurers – no change now – re-train by end of 2021 to remain a measurer
  • For applicants to be MYA measurers – become RYA Sail Measurer – become MYA Class Measurer
  • For registrars – no change

Information for MYA measurers

Measurers have already received a fairly comprehensive newsletter giving the background and detail behind this news. It also covers other ‘technical’ news directly of relevance to measurers.


Please direct any questions to:
Graham Bantock
MYA Technical Officer. tech-officer@mya-uk.org.uk

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