Dennis Moss

Dennis Moss

We have sadly lost one of the stalwarts of the Club, Dennis Moss, who passed away on Sunday 5th January from prostate cancer. He was Club Sailing Secretary for many years and, latterly, he held the honorary title of Commodore of the Club in recognition of his sterling work for the Club which did much to improve the quality of racing and Club facilities. Because of his health problems he was unable to come to the Club regularly in the last three years and we missed his enthusiasm for sailing and his cheerful and kindly attitude towards other members, particularly beginners in the sport.

He was also a member of Guildford Model Yacht Club prior to joining Hampton Court MYC and they also have written a tribute to him as Dennis joined that club in 1990 and was an enthusiastic Marblehead sailor there until he moved to Hampton Court. He was an electronics wizard and both Clubs have enjoyed using his starting machine that he made for each of them, which really comes into its own in bad weather, as it has a more powerful sound than the modern version and can be heard over the wind noise more easily. For their Christmas race, Guildford MYC always encourage dressing up to get into the festive mood and Dennis took this really seriously and not only dressed the part, but used his electronic genius to have lights on his boat and also music playing as it sailed along. He was also interested in improving Marblehead design and experimented with T- foils on the rudder of his STARKERS.

He will be greatly missed by all his family and members of both Clubs.

Laurie Bower

Hampton Court Model Yacht Club

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