Twelve skippers from 5 clubs, and their boats, turned up at Brentwood for the 2011 R6M National Championship.
The wind was forecast at about 13 mph though it was much lighter to start with.
That pleased some with boats that expect to do well in the lighter winds but the wind strength later increased to the predicted level!
Race Officer Malcolm Schaffer set a conventional port rounding triangle and sausage, with the beat diagonally across the lake to suit the prevailing wind.
There was a tendency for boats to approach the windward mark on port tack and try to get under those ahead who had tacked on to starboard further from the mark.
As a consequence there were may incidents at that mark but all were sorted by the guilty parties doing their turns.
The blustery conditions caused some havoc and the were three requests for redress, all granted, as results of damage caused, though none at the windward mark.
Apart from 4 races, 3 of which he discarded, Terry Burton sailed consistently well.
Vernon Appleton was extremely close, again by consistent sailing and the final result depended on the last race.
Vernon could have taken the title by finishing one place behind Terry but with a win to Vernon’s 3rd, Terry took the title for the second year running.
It was John Taylor who got between them in that race and with good results in the last three races John pulled out a little from Rick Buxton and Henry Farley who were not far behind in the final scores, to take the 3rd place.
Scores increased somewhat below 5th place though Bernie Guest in sixth place did secure a couple of wins during the day.
That put him ahead of Geoff Appleton who had the same score.

Brentwood club don’t sail the R6M class but turned out in strength to run the races including doing all of the observing.
Not only that but they were continually helping the less mobile by launching and retrieving their boats, a service that was very much appreciated as conditions for that were not easy.
Our thanks go to the club for an excellent day.

Henry Farley
Eastern District Racing Secretary

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