Good evening all
I am writing to you all on behalf of the UK RG65 class association and would very much appreciate your help and support.
I am trying to get together between five and eight one day events for RG65 open class at club locations across the UK
The 2016 Nats have been agreed with Eastbourne for 4th & 5th June and I would very much appreciate a few dates from each of you that would enable us to select a spread of dates and location that would appeal to as many skippers as possible.
This is a growing class in the UK and we need to get these dates established asap so that clashes with other events can be avoided as much as possible and the dates can be passed to the MYA calendar team in time to appear in the year book.
If I have addressed this note to the wrong person within your club can you please pass it (quickly) to your race sec.
I would appreciate your response asap please.
Thank you
Noel Donaldson, racing sec.
RG65 UK Class Association


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