They are now live on the IRSA website (Documents /10R Class Rules and subdivision /Measurement) or try the links below.

November 2018 10R Class Rules:

November 2018 Measurement forms (2018 v5):

November 2018 10R Rig and Sail Measurement Guidance:

They come into force tomorrow 1 November 2018

The principal change is Rule J.1 Rig Area.  This has had the word boom removed and has been redrafted to restore the original intention that a swing rig can have 1 spar (not being the mast) per sail excluded from the certified sail area but all additional spars must be measured into the certified sail area. The previous version had inadvertently meant that swing rigs had to have all spars measured in and meant many competitors at the World championships had to have their boats remeasured before the event! This change also resolves any conflict with the ERS definition of boom in relation to ‘end’ attachment points for standard rigs.

Richard Uttley
10R Class Captain & Registrar

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