Hello Skippers,

After the success of the RM Nationals last year at Fleetwood and the Worlds being held in France for the first time in 6 years, it is time for some us to step forward with our class here in the UK.

There has been a proposal from the Netherlands to host the next Worlds in mid 2014 giving us a fantastic platform to continue re-building our class by attracting new and existing skippers to our events.

How can you help?

1.The first way you as a class owner can help this is by getting in and entering this years Nationals at Lincoln. The event has its own dedicated webpage but with minimal entries posted thus far, this does harm to the class and makes an event hard to promote. Get the entries in as we did last year and then we can promote it properly as was done well by Fleetwood MYC.

2. Any skipper that may have a boat to loan/charter or know of an unused boat ready for use should contact myself or Darin to make this known. We have an oversubscribed IOM Nationals and eager skippers looking for the next upward challenge. This worked fantastically well last year with Darin Ballington now an RM boat owner and Josh King going on to taste more RM races after Fleetwood. Well done Derek for the initiative.

This is our only 2 day event of this year which will enjoy the social benefits as well as good racing much in the same way as IOM events. i.e. your fuel and accommodation costs can be justified for distant travel.

Room rates are favourable at the IBIS hotel close to the sailing site with the prospect of an evening event social being planned by the organisers.

I have grouped as many skippers as known from previous events but if you know of others, please forward on this email so that we can match the fleet numbers at Fleetwood or go further.

Lets step forward with the RM!

Link to 2013 Nationals http://rmnationals2013.wordpress.com/

Link to online entry  http://www.mya-uk-members.org.uk/events/event_details.asp?id=1032


Brad Gibson

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