Welcome to the 6M Class

For a number of years apart from a few keen skippers, most of these beautiful boats were languishing in lofts, garages and sheds, but as entirely appropriate for yachts, a wind of change has arrived and a few more are emerging into the light and appearing on the racing circuits.

New boats are being built older boats are being resurrected and they are starting to make a difference, so along with the new optimism about the class we have a new website, still in its early stages but built for us by the man who brings us the Footy  website amongst many others we hope it will reflect the new optimism in the class it will link into local clubs websites for their results and will show all the open results from the class throughout the country, so lets have your pictures race reports and tales of derring do to let us all know who is racing/building what and where.

Mike Ewart. 6M Class Captain.

You can contact the 6M Class Captain HERE

There is a 6M Class website. Use the link below.

6M Class Website

The Class Rules and Measurement forms can be found in our knowledge base.

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