Alan Chidgey, sends the following report for the SWDCS 1

The wind was light and from the North, Northeast so the start marks were at the sluice gate end.
Before racing stated we held a one-minute silence remembering sorely missed Reg Gallop.
Nick Whyte from Dartmoor and Simon Clark from West Cornwall won the two seeding races. Simon also went on to win race 2, our own Simon Clarke won race 3. Now the wind started playing up by moving round to the west and almost dying away. Simon (with the ‘e’} worked hard altering the course. His efforts were almost thwarted when the battery driving the outboard went flat. We just managed the two heats of the next race when the wind altered yet again. Now it settled in from the Northwest – the forecast direction. This meant another course change. We had lost so much time it was decided to forego a lunch break and eat between heats. Sarah Conner who was sailing a borrowed boat when it’s battery went dead and finished up on the wire strung across the narrow inlet leading to the paddling pool. Bob Conner went to the rescue but the old leisure battery also went dead with Bob being blown onto the same stretch of wire. Eventually racing resumed and we managed to get another four races in before calling it a day.

61 gets a good start

Position Skipper Sail # Club Score
1 Barry Chisam 61 West Cornwall 16
2 John White 09 Bideford 19
3 Simon Clarke 94 Woodspring 20
4 Simon Clark 95 West Cornwall 21
5 Alan Perham 55 West Cornwall 24
6 Nick Whyte 16 Dartmoor 25
7 Bill Curtis 54 West Cornwall 29
8 Bob Conner 14 Woodspring 33
9 Mike Cooper 37 Woodspring 36
10 Richard Aucott 78 Woodspring 51
11 Bob Lewis 41 Woodspring 56
12 Mark Pressdee 35 Swansea 57 8
13 Sarah Conner 02 Woodspring 59
14 Doug Penman 142 Bideford 62
15 George Evans 110 Bideford 78
16 Neil Surman 50 Woodspring 80
17 Brian Lewarne 23 Bideford 85
18 John Bewick 56 Woodspring 85
19 Andy Wyer 161 Sedgemoor 97
20 Richard Wills 195 West Cornwall 99
21 Brian Searle 59 Woodspring 106

Thanks to Sue Conner and Claire Surman who took the scores in every race – it’s great to have this task carried out competently. All I had to do was oversee every start, choose the observers, and shuffle the fleet board. Once again we ran a tight ship and everyone went home happy – some more than others.

Alan Chidgey

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