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In 1996 Mike Barr of Paisley MYC established The Karachi Cup Competition to be sailed with R6m yachts between teams from England and Scotland, analogous to the Calcutta Cup in Rugby Union. Following a decline in the popularity of R6m yachts the competition was redefined in 2005 and competed for with IOM yachts. Subsequently the competition lapsed but following discussion initiated by Scottish District Chairman David Smith, who retrieved the cup from south of the border, it was decided to revive it as a competition to be held wholly within Scotland.

The first running of the revived event took place on Saturday 8th October 2016 hosted by Paisley MYC in Barshaw Park. Robert Rooney had spent much of the previous week preparing Paisley’s pond following cessation of sailing at the club over the summer due to weed and low water levels. His efforts were rewarded with a turnout of 14 IOMs representing three regional teams from the Scottish District – North East, South East, and West – to compete for the cup. To minimise problems on a day when the wind was fickle and the sailing space confined, race officer Richard Ennos ran the event with a two fleet format which worked well despite occasional problems with weed.

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