Action from the 2015 IOM Veterans by Sue Brown

Action from the 2015 IOM Veterans by Sue Brown

Our reporter on the shore has come back with conflicting names as to who could be in the lead from the 1st day of the 2015 MYA IOM Veteran Nationals at Eastbourne, but we are confident in stating that it will be one of the 46 (yes 46!) skippers who are racing.

Images of day 1 show wind, with rain, sunshine and what looks like some close racing; day 2 predicts the same with the temperature dropping slightly, hopefully the skippers will have avoided too much “Vino Collapso” on Saturday night and the close racing will continue.

We will find out more tonight and be able to post the result and images early next week.

Alec Wight has posted his usual great range of pictures on the club website HERE

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