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Matter: Calling for member nominations to IRSA Committees 2016/17

Nominations close: 24th June 2016


27th May, 2016


Dear Members,

Following the General Assembly, the new Executive Committee is currently organising the IRSA in preparation for the coming two years.

It is now time to ask for nominations to the various committees within the IRSA. The chairman in each committee and the EC will then review the nominations in preparation for setting up the working committees.

So, can we please ask for nominations for:

  1. Technical Committee
  2. Racing Committee
  3. Organisation and Policy Committee
  4. Marblehead Class Committee
  5. 10R Class Committee
  6. A Class Committee

Each nomination will need to include:

  1. Name
  2. IRSA Committee nominated to.
  3. National Association nominating.
  4. Email address of the person nominated.
  5. Summary of their experience/expertise in relation to the committee they are nominated to.
  6. A statement of their commercial interests in radio yachting.
  7. A statement that they agree to the Office Holders Licence .
  8. A statement noting that they understand that the committees will be run using forums and emails and that they can participate.

A brief note on the Office Holders Licence:

This is a new initiative where the incoming Officer or committee member agrees to license to IRSA any materials and artefacts they produce in connection with IRSA while they are an Office Holder.

Click HERE to download the Office Holders Licence.

We look forward to your participation in preparing these important committees.

Nominations close on 24th June, 2016.

The relevant IRSA regulations are attached below.



Selwyn Holland

(General Secretary, IRSA)

2.1 The General Secretary shall submit to the Permanent Committee […] an alphabetical list of all candidates for membership of the Committees submitted in due time by the Division Members.

2.2 Any candidate nominated shall complete a Statement of Commercial Interests setting out any commercial interests the nominee, and/or his immediate family may have in radio sailing […]. In addition nominated candidates shall confirm that they
are able to send and receive electronic mail.

2.3 In selecting the membership of the committees the Permanent Committee shall take due cognizance of the following:
i) Persons shall be selected for their expertise rather than geographical location, but no more than two persons from any country shall be included on any committee.
ii) The nominations for membership of the committees made by the Division Members.
iii) The recommendation of Committee Chairperson regarding the composition of their Committees.
iv) There shall not be a set number of members on any committee.
v) There shall not be a maximum period for any member to sit on a committee.


Whilst The IRSA may not be at the forefront of many members thoughts, they are an important part of our sport and have a large influence at all levels. This is a chance for MYA members of all levels to contribute and guide the direction of the sport of Radio Sailing, if you are interested please contact Rob Walsh (MYA International Officer) who will be able to put you in touch with the relevant people to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Rob using the form HERE  (International Officer dropdown)

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