For those who don’t know about the breeze in Lake Garda read the website below, it gives a good indication as to why the venue is one of the best in Europe for all kinds of sailing. The final day of preparations today with many skippers already here and a few (Chris Harris and Martin Roberts) giving hourly check ins on Facebook as to their progress, Martin in particular is not one for wasting time and is scheduled to be here just in time for the official opening tonight! So far, everything is looking good, not too much hassle at measurement and some easy practice sailing. Today may see a bit more activity at the lake with final tweaks, adjustments and builds (Peter Stollery!) taking place, and we will try to get pictures of the opening ceremony on to the web or Twitter. Those who are posting on Facebook or Twitter include: Terry Rensch Victoria Gibson Rob Vice Chris Harris Brad Gibson, Sadly Peter Stollery’s attempts to enter the digital age have failed miserably with the last minute purchase of a modern phone, unfortunately in the sub £20.00 (purchase price) the ability to text or surf is apparently not available……

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