Are Ten Rater Class skipper or owner?

Do you feel passionate about the class?

If the answer is yes, then you may be the person for this role… UK Ten Rater Class Captain.

Before we explain the role, we must thank Richard Uttley for his fantastic efforts over the last 18 months as Class Captain, his commitment to the joint roles of CC and registrar has created a firm base for the class to build on in this important lead up to the 2020 World Championships.  Thank you, Richard, (and Janice).

So, to carry on the work of Richard we are now looking for an enthusiastic class captain to work with the class owners in building the numbers of boats, creating a calendar that encourages participation and promoting the class to both existing skippers and those who may be looking for a different class. Working alongside others and in line with the Class Owners Groups (COG) principles this role can be very rewarding and puts you right at the centre of the class discussions. The class has a sound base of events for 2019 and the chance to qualify for 2020 worlds gives the next CC a great start in building the fleet for 2019 onwards.

The class website is up and running, awaiting lots of input, and all the support is in place for the role.

Richard has agreed to continue on as the registrar for the moment, so, owners please still send your info to him, but if you fancy talking more about the CC Role please contact Darin (MYA RO) on 01283 541188 or by email racing-officer”at”

Watch the video below to see the Ten Rater in action. (Credit: Tony Wilson Fleetwood MY&PBC)

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