John was a member of Two Islands for many years racing his IOM and latterly his DF95 and particularly his DF65, a boat he really enjoyed. John was a very active member for many years and even in his 101st year he last raced his DF65 on the 3rd October where he came 5th out of 11 skippers in the first race. He still had the skill and enjoyed the competition

For many years John owned and sailed a full size yacht moored at Dartmouth but in his later years he turned to model yacht racing which as he said himself “gave me a reason to get up and get going in the mornings!” We think he was probably the oldest active model yacht racer not just in the UK but maybe the World

For his 100th Birthday the club gave him a new DF65 personalised with a gold colour hull and JC Centenary Edition along the sides. For a time, he displayed this in his home and would show it off to his visitors. John was a truly remarkable individual and he will be missed by all of his club colleagues.

Keith Coxon
Chairman TIRYC

John with his Centenary Edition DF65

John with his Centenary Edition DF65

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