All entrants are advised that water levels at the Princes Park lake are at an unprecedented low level for this time of year, due to the recent exceptionally dry weather we have been experiencing.

An inspection of the lake this morning has caused us to postpone the event until further notice. We will re-schedule the event once we have water levels where yachts are not running aground.

Whilst the lake can also be topped up by spring tides, those forecast before the event are not high enough to have any significant effect.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause, but it would wrong not to take action and allow skippers to travel substantial distances to find the racing cannot take place. It is estimated the level is down by approximately 10 inches, and silting has compounded the problem.

EDMYC members sailed on Thursday morning and were regularly striking underwater objects or the bottom.

Jes Collier

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