Vane A library image - Sue Brown

Vane A library image – Sue Brown

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A good solid blow was forecast for today, although the arrival of a front brought some very light and fluky conditions instead.  At times it blew quite well, and mainly from the south-west, but more often it was often light and unstable.  Spinnaker settings were difficult because the breeze by the club-house drew forward and at times turned what had been a run into a fetch.  And then there was the rain……

Monday and Tuesday’s racing is fleeted, allowing the race officials to run more heats through more rapid turn-around, and a theoretically a staggered lunch break.  In fact one fleet managed four boards (in the rain) but the mornings fleet only three.  This will be balanced out tomorrow, Tuesday.  Results to date cannot be calculated until the end of tomorrow’s fleeted day, but in today’s racing, boats winning the highest proportion of their boards were David and Margaret Bell’s ‘Lightening’ Simpson design and Malcolm Eales and Paul Edward’s ‘Sir Ivor 52’ Hollom design.  There were some rapid and at times spectacular spinnaker sailing by the ‘Lightenings’ of Jacque cook and Eric Meighen, and by David and Margaret Bell.

The racing this week is controlled by a group of volunteers drawn from all club fleets, who stoically stood out in the rain wondering if the weather gods had skipped three months and dumped us into November.  Tuesday’s forecast is for stronger winds and more rain…. pity the poor race teams!!

Mervyn Cook

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