Vane A National Championship at Gosport Model Yacht and Boat club.

The Vane A National Championship is scheduled to begin on Sunday 29th July 2018. Please be aware that, as at many clubs, Gosport has the perennial weed problem. The Council has scheduled a weed cut for the week before the championship. To help ensure that the lake is in as good a condition as possible, additional contractor time has been requested. We are fortunate to have gained sponsorship from Dean and Reddyhoff best known for their south coast marinas including Haslar at Gosport. This has enabled us to fund the request for more days from the contractor.

The hoped for scenario is that we have a positive response from the Council and additional days are scheduled. In any event, as we are all aware, weed is unpredictable and there is always a concern that it will cause problems in the racing. It is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent success.

We have done everything in our power to provide a lake suitable for the the championship, but it could still be that the cut does not work adequately and conditions may not be ideal.

On this basis, we look forward to seeing you at the end of July and would be grateful if you would get your entries to us. The closing date for entries is Tuesday 10th July, which is tomorrow. To date we have 17 entries. There are a number of skippers without mates. If you are a mate looking for a skipper, please do not hesitate to contact me!

I am looking forward to a brilliant six days of racing – sun, possibly – wind, hopefully – enjoyment, definitely and plenty of high class competition!

My contact details, should you need them, are on the NOR

Jacque Cook
Chair Organising Committee
National Free Sailing Class Captain

Notice of Race: NOR 2018 – Final July 1 2018

Appendix A Entry and Booking form 26 May 2018 Word Doc

Appendix A Entry and Booking form 26 May 2018 PDF

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