Spinnakers - Sue Brown

Spinnakers – Sue Brown

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From Mervyn

Thursday is the day when the whole fleet comes together in a full day’s racing.  With a forecast for 16 to 18 mph and building, with gusts in the afternoon to nearly 30 mph, skippers were somewhat surprised to find benign weather, decidedly warm, with apparently another moderate whole-sail breeze.  The promised wind-chill didn’t happen, and sunshine did, so there were some red faces sprinting up and down the lake-side.  In the lighter winds in the morning, some of the lighter boats enjoyed their moments of glory, although the heavier, more round hulled traditional boats continued to make places, particularly as the gusty sea-breeze appeared at about mid-day, bringing squally winds from everywhere between south-south westerly, to shifts with a bit of north in them.  The gusts became quite vicious, and all but the heavy-weights changed down.

Spinnakers were invariably used down-wind, and again these changed from full kites in the morning, to tiny sails in the afternoon.  Trim decisions were made the more difficult because the shifts by the club-house almost always saw boats bearing away in to the bank, only to be hit by a freeing lift.   Broaches were the order of the day, and often the boat which won the down-winds was the one who risked a relatively largish spinnaker and reached the freeing shift without banking.  There were numerous re-sails on the runs, with the last board finishing at about 5.30.

Thursday’s results make interesting reading.  Despite the strong winds, top boat at close of play is David and Margaret Bells lightweight John Simpson ‘Lightening’.  In second, just one point behind, is Nigel Sharpe’s traditional VC2.  Third and three points behind them is Shaun and Graham Wyeth’s beautiful planked mid-weight Hollom, followed in fourth and only four points behind by Dave Geldard and C.J.Vice’s VC2.  In fifth, and only one point behind them is Jacque Cook and Eric Meighen’s ‘Lightening’, and very close behind them indeed is Lewis Wyeth and Ray Baker’s recent, mid-weight Hollom ‘Sea the Stars’ design.

Tomorrow is the final day, with time for perhaps five more heats, so with the scoring so close it’s all to play for.  It’s going to be a very tense time at the Cockle Pond, Gosport!



Position Number Skipper Mate Points Percentages
1 79 David Bell  Margaret Bell 63 35
2 50 Nigel Sharp   62 34.44
3 99 Shaun Wyeth Graham Wyeth 59 32.78
4 94 Dave Geldard CJ Vice 55 30.56
5 42 Jacque Cook Eric Meighen 54 30
6 77 Lewis Wyeth Ray Baker 53.5 29.72
7 49 Martin Roberts Simon Clark 52 28.89
8 80 Alan Bell David Mathers 51 28.33
9 81 Robert Bell   48 26.67
10 44 Peter Fothergill Andy Fernie 46 25.56
11 5 Malcolm Eales Paul Edwards 45 25
12 121 Mark Dicks   42 23.33
13 21 Rob Vice CJ Vice 41.5 23.06
14 167 Derek Priestley/ John Brooks Joint 37 20
15 25 Rob Walsh Tomas Walsh 34 18.89
16 67 Arjan van der Cingel Eric van der Cingel 30 16.67
17 45 Damian Ackroyd John Bush 28 15.56
18 97 Peter Whiteside Steve Poole 28 15.56
19 10 Anthony Warren Lester Gilbert 26 14.44
20 60 Ray Baker/ Josh Dicks   0 0


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